Sunday, May 15, 2011

Or Nue Discussions

I first learned of or nue embroidery from Maitresse Yvianne, at Autumn Collegium several years ago.  She provided a kit for all of us to learn on, which was a little blue fleur de lis on a background of gold, couched with red.  I tried a few lines, and then set the project down for a couple of weeks.  Not quite a month after the Collegium, I wound up in the hospital for a 4 week "vacation" and I asked my family to bring in a few things to keep me occupied.  I had the or nue project finished within two days.

Mind, this is the first piece I ever created, and I was on a LOT of strong medications at the time ; )  However, I was hooked.  Many of the nurses commented on how opulent the metal threads looked, and on how interesting the technique was.

The biggest issue I have struggled with is learning to corner the metal threads.  Japan silk has a core of silk thread, with flattened metal wrapped around the core.  It is a very delicate thread, and unravels without much pull at all.  I tried using tweezers to pinch the thread where it turns, and tried pinching it between my finger nails.  Neither of these methods really worked well for me.  With some practice, however, I was able to get a decent crease in the thread by wrapping the couching thread half way around the metal, and pulling each gently in an opposite direction to the other.  Proper tension is the key, as too hard a pull will damage the metal, and too light will not give it a good crease with which to turn the metal.  It really is a matter of practice...

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