Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We seem to have been innundated with The Sick this past week.  The two asthmatic chilluns were taken right to the Dr., while the rest of us were told to treat the symptoms, rest, hydrate, rest, and recouperate.  Did I mention rest?

Rest was not completely an option for me, because we had Harvest Raid this past weekend, and I was set to teach a course on basic, pre-Elizabethan embroidery.  The class went well, though only one student was in attendance.  That actually meant that I was able to better tailor things to her needs, so it was a positive!

On the project lists, I am still working away on the nightcap, and have a new project to frame up.  I joined the Noblesse Largess project, which is similiar to a secret answer a few questions about your SCAdian interests, then they match you up with a secret recipient.  You make them something of your own hands, tailored to their likes, and whomever has you as a secret recipient, does the same.  The down side is, I can't post pictures until its done and mailed to the recipient.  I can say that I have settled on a pair of gloves, using or nue for the cuff, similiar to the glove I embroidered for a past reign, and the one I am working on for The Guy:

I love or nue...well, working with metal threads in any style, really.  Metal just makes things *pop*!

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