Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Or Nue Glove Cuff, progress

Well, being waylaid by illness was not how I envisioned the last few weeks, however, I have made some progress on the glove cuff.  (And there was great cheering throughout the land!)

Here is a scan, of where the glove cuff sits today:

As you can see, the left wing is finished.  I made an interesting change in tools, this week.  I noticed that my normal thread needles were chewing up the metal thread.  We went on a fabric buy this weekend, and while at the sewing store, I picked up a pack of seed bead needles.  They are a much smaller gauge than other needles, as they are made specifically to thread seed beeds.  The drawback is that they are more fragile than normal needles (of which, I have broken 4 or 5 on this project, thus far.)  However, the seed bead needles do much less damage to the moody metal threads, and I can get more fine stitches, as well.  I am going to keep playing with them and see if they'll be worth it in the long run. 


  1. It really looks like there's shadow running around the inside rim of the wing. Mega-cool!

    To add black thread or not ....I don't think it needs it, now it's finished, unless it's going to be need to be seen at a distance. The tips of the feathers define the rest of the wing at a closer distance.

  2. Elmsley Rose, I was wondering about whether it needed the outline or not. Once it was all done, it looked more feather like, which got me excited : )

  3. The wing looks beautiful! Very dimensional!

    Can you talk about the couching you are doing down the bottom?