Saturday, November 26, 2011

TAST Challenge!

I haven't updated in quite awhile, though my hands have been busy!  I am hoping to get some posts out this week, with what all I have been working on.  In the meantime...

Have you signed up for the TAST Challenge on ?  What an excellent project for the coming year!  Every Tuesday, Sharon B will post a stitch.  Then everyone stitches up a creative sample with that stitch, and then we post pictures.  This is really exciting and I am anxious to see what everyone comes up with, each week!  The challenge starts January 3, so jump on over to Pintangle and sign up!!


  1. Have fun with TAST. SharonB has so many ideas! I follow Pintangle - some of her stitch ideas are quite translatable to historical embroidery :-)

  2. Are you changeing blog labels atm? ~grin~ This happened when I was doing that....old posts coming up. People said that they enjoyed it - a chance to re-visit the past....

  3. Ah - ooops. This is your second last post and somehow I landed on it in your blog. Got confused.
    Hope to see you blogging again soon....hope the Or Nue glove is going well,
    best :-)