Saturday, June 23, 2012

Afternoon Project, continued...

Well, I decided to expand the afternoon project...which is somewhat contradictory for it being an afternoon project, isn't it?

My daughter graduated high school this morning.  I desperately needed to keep myself busy, because my nerves were really bothersome.  So, I decided to add a knotwork zoomorphic animal to the coif.

I am using silk for all of the embroidery, and the coif is, of course, linen.  I just thought this little motif was too cool to pass up!

And, there are small tear stains on the coif (to match the blood stains where I pricked my finger while sewing it *blushes*), from crying during the graduation ceremony, today.  This coif is going to be my favorite, I think, because of how much of myself being in it!

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