Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Afternoon Project

I was at the Western Homestead, and the project I needed to work on was at the Eastern Homestead.  So, needing to find something to do (idle hands are the devil's workshop ; )  I decided to make a new coif-St. Brigitta's cap.  Only, I wanted to embroider mine, so that I might be appropriate for the Viking Village.  

First step was constructing the coif.  I hand sewed all the edges, hemming them first, and then used the Vandyke stitch to join the two pieces together, using two strands of Splendor silk.

I found some trim designs from a dig at Birka, that I traced onto the linen.  Again, using Splendor silk, I embroidered the Birka design along the edge of the coif.  I added another wave like design for contrast, in a 60/2 silk thread from White Wolf and the Phoenix.

It is not fully finished, yet, but I am using it as afternoon fodder when I need a break from other projects.  Overall, I am pretty pleased!!

1 comment:

  1. It looks lovely. Love the Vandyke stitch insertion hem.