Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Madcap Recap

What a whirlwind week!  Now that the world has stopped spinning so crazily, I have a moment to post and to breathe.

Due to an unforseen gas leak, things at the house were in a state of upheaval.  I am pleased to say that the house is now completely repiped! 

I also have been on a sewing adventure, making a steampunkish outfit for a dear friend.  Here is a picture of the jacket:

You have to ignore the ugly towel and duct tape around the window behind the jacket; there was a slight accident, but it is all being seen to.

So there it is, how I've spent the last week.  Now, back to embroidery!


  1. Wow - if that jacket were black, I'd wear it in a second! Cool!

  2. ooh - i like the colour, steampunk needs more colour, after all, the victorians invented anniline dyes