Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coif Patterns

Several years ago, I worked up these sewing patterns for Tudor and Elizabethan coifs.  I thought it might be nice to post them here, since I do a lot of embroidery on small projects, like coifs. 

The final pattern on this blog post is a pattern that, historically, has the most embroidery.  You can find pictures of extant pieces on this site:

The forehead clothe is warn under the final coif pattern below.  The shaped forehead clothe is usually warn with, what I affectionately call, the "ear wing" coif:

This next pattern is a plain brimmed coif.  I like this one because it sews up easy and stays on my head, no matter how active I get.  You may remember a few blog posts back where I posted about embroidered joins.  The coif picture from that blog is made from this pattern:

And finally, the iconic Elizabethan coif!  I have played around with the measurements on this pattern, so that some of my coifs are more "baggy" than others.  They are very comfortable to wear, and can be embroidered pretty heavily, as shown in the coif gallery link above.


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  2. Can you please repost these photos. Thank you

  3. Another request for photos. They would be OH, so helpful to so many!

  4. Commenters, you want to see those photos? Drift your mouse over the blank area, and once your arrow turns into a hand, right-click and open the photo in another tab. I'm currently working on coif #2.

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