Thursday, July 14, 2011

Motif of the week, progress

Yesterday, outside of playing with the new machine (which makes buttonholes in 30 seconds while I watch!) I worked on the motif of the week, the Celtic knotwork on the medieval coif.  Here is how we are progressing:

Disclaimers!  I am not really worried about keeping my filling even.  I am filling the knots with chain stitching, and while I would normally stress on the stitch consistency.  For this, I'm not really real reasons why, either, lol.

I inadvertantly left my gold/mustard wool at the Western homestead so the fill is plain old DMC floss.  I am using a double strand so that the fill goes faster; the plan is to have this project done by the weekend for the Viking Village.  (And, well, it is a motif of the week, and the week is almost over ; )

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