Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Post-Pennsic Mapcap recap

I am finally home!  Home and settled in after the weeks of prep time and the two weeks of "vacation."

I plan to work up a post tonight or tomorrow, a comparison and analysis of various silk threads that I picked up on my journeys.  I have some no name brands, some Eterna and Splendor, some heavier crewel weights, and lots and lots of desire to play and experiment with them all!

Wrapping up the loose ends, (no strings attached ; )  Here are pics of the almoner's pouches I made from my first two motifs of the week.  Handsewn, lined with linen, fingerloop braiding on the seams (thank you Miss Kit!) and tassles!

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  1. Love the twisted and outlined leaves on the rose.

    Are you a member of the new Historic Embroidery Facebook group yet? LOTS going on, lots of tech discussion, pics of extant items and people's work....To be one of the crowd, you'll need a Facebook page and then join the group You need to wait permission to join - that's just an anti-spam strategy.