Monday, August 22, 2011

Embroidered Nightcap, part 1

During a couple of chilly nights at Pennsic, His Lordship commented on needing a skullcap to wear to bed to help keep him warm.  I had already been planning a nightcap, based on extant Elizabethan caps I've seen at the V&A.  The only issue was that the Elizabethan pallette was a bit more...girly than the modern "manly" pallette.  I did some thinking and found a pattern on Mary Corbet's webpages,  I used my light box to transfer the pattern onto a medium weight linen ground, and decided to use the teal mystery silk thread.  I am using split stitches for the outlining, and am still mulling whether to use blackwork designs for fill, or to use some other style of fill...

Here is a pic of my progress, thus far.

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