Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Motif of the Week

I have always stated that I stink at blackwork.  It takes such precision that my ADD brain finds it too much like mathematics for comfort.  However, I decided to challenge myself a bit, and tried a bit of blackwork for this week's motif of the week:

Not bad for one of my first real forays into blackwork!  I am using black silk on linen, and hope to add goldwork for the stem of the motif.  I am thinking this may very well become a pin cushion.

I believe that the pattern is from Needle N' Thread, and I apologize if I am wrong.  Fibrofog has been horrible the last couple of weeks.  (On the positive side, I have had plenty of time to play with string.  On the negative side, I haven't been able to find my car keys in a coupl eof weeks!)

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