Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blackwork Practice

I'm a bad Ren...  Yep, I hooped this project, rather than using the frame, but I was so excited and inspired by Ianthe's pattern book that I couldn't wait to get home to my frame!  I found a decent weave material in The Guy's material stash, drew out the lines for an Elizabethan coif and started transferring a pattern with the light box.  I admit it; some days, there is no conquering of the ADD impulsivity!

A few things....

First, this pattern is not a replica of a period blackwork pattern, according to Ianthe's book.  However, I really liked it, and it is a close match to a beautiful fabric I picked up several months back that has become a loose gown for The Gal, a doublet and slops for The Guy, and a doublet and underskirt for moi. 

Second, though the fabric is not linen (*gasp!*  I do have an order coming for last minute linen projects before Pennsic,) the thread I am using is purple silk, from White Wolf and Pheonix.  It stitches beautifully and feels luscious as I work!

Third, don't pick on me...this is, quite literally, the first serious blackwork that I have ever attempted.  (Feel free to give that second *gasp* ; )  I've played a little with blackwork on partlets in the past, but the precision needed to make blackwork look decent is hard for my ADD mind to grasp, especially when the fibro-fog hits.


Again, here is the link to the pattern book.  My greatest gratitude to Ianthe for all of her hard work!


  1. And the link! *blushes*


  2. Thanks for the kind words. As to authenticity of this particular pattern, it has no exact model on artifacts or in period pattern books. But it is so close to patterns in Englenoff and others that were it blinked back in time, it would fit right in. Not exactly A grade documentation, but anyone knowing these styles well would not object. Enjoy! I am looking forward to seeing your project grow. - again thanks, K. (Ianthé)