Monday, June 20, 2011

Knots and Loose Ends

Woo, what a week this past week has been!  I am utterly exhausted!  This will be short, a teaser until I can post the Motif of the Week later this evening.  I am posting from the western home; we had work being done on the plumbing at the family house, so I came out here to avoid the mess and chaos, and get a hot shower!

To respond to comments (please, please forgive me!  I am still having issues with responding to comments as they are posted,) Elmsley Rose asked about last week's Motif of the Week, "what is filigree?"  Well, that is Ren speak for "filament"...sometimes my words get mixed, which can create interesting misunderstandings ; ) 

Last year, I found a gold filament embroidery thread at Joannes.  I believe it is 6-ply, and it is very, bvery cranky to embroider with, as the gold tends to break easily.  It is relatively cheap and I have found that it adds great dimension when used for outlining with split stitches.  I also used it on this aumoniere I have been working on, (the gold around the lion is in filament):

On the most recent blog about the Tudor rose motif, Elmsley writes, "what do you mean by basket weave satin stitch?"  Well, I was attempting to criss-cross the satin stiches to make it look like a basket weave, sort of an elongated herringbone stitch.  Needless to say, it didn't work...though I would gladly accept ideas on similiar stitches that would add some depth to satin stitches!

It is my intention to post a pic of the newest Motif of the Week, tonight.  The embroidery is all done, I just need to dig out the scanner.  Tata for now!

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  1. Most roses of the period that I've seen were done in detached buttonhole or satin stitch.
    There's an entry in my blog called "Elizabethan stitches" under "Labels" and that lists all the Elizabethan stitches that I found from various sources (I included the sources).
    Or have a look in the Wiki.
    Or, if you want to do something more modern, well, my way is to grab a stack of embroidery stitch books and start flicking! Sorry, nothing comes to my mind atm.