Thursday, June 23, 2011

Frame of Mind

It has been a while since I have pulled out my embroidery frame.  During the moves, it was packed into a box and I only dug it out a few months back.  The smock project, however, requires a frame.  Hello, old friend!

I found a nice scroll pattern for the neckline embroidery of the smock I want to make for Pennsic on the Needlen'Thread blog site, by Mary Corbet:

I used my light box to transfer the pattern onto linen strips I cut last weekend with the rotary cutter.  Because Master Creador reminded me that hooping linen can warp the fibers, and because I would have to hoop over my embroidery as I worked along, I thought it best to frame this project.  This is a scroll frame that will turn the fabric as I go, wrapping it around the hold bars.  I have a stand that goes with this frame, as well, which is nice when working on a table top, since it is a bit bulkier than a hoop.

You can barely see the pattern, though it is there.  Similiar period smocks use black embroidery, though I am thinking of embroidering the leaves in purple silk I picked up from White Wolf and Phoenix.  I have four strips to embroider, so this will make a nice project to work along on when I am not sewing or studying : )

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