Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's in your library?

As a dutiful criminology student, I have a library full of crime theory and law books.  Everything from forensic psychology to legal ethics.  This year, I have finally started to round out my library with some decent costuming and embroidery books.  I have Moda a'Firenze, Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion, The Tudor Tailor...I also have several books on the Elizabethan era, everything from Sex in Elizabethan England to analyses of Court life.  (Boy, I hope that title doesn't pull adult ads for my blog *shudder!*)

As to embroidery, my most recent purchases are both on goldwork.  Goldwork Embroidery; Designs and Projects, by Mary Brown, and A~Z of Goldwork with Silk Embroidery from Inspiration Books.  Both have decent tutorials in various goldwork techniques, though they pretty much have the same information, in almost the same sentences.

So, what's in your library?


  1. My most prized books are my very own copy of Digby, and a copy of Nevinson. Dillamonte is an old favourite.
    I can't go look at my bookcase for any more - I need sunlight for that, and it's still dark out there! (7am)
    I got the Digby and Nevinson cheaply on E-bay - it's worth putting a search on.

  2. I will definitely look them up on Ebay! Thank you for the recommendations!!