Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life Reflection

We currently have three kitties in the house.  Rascal was abandoned here and when we moved in, we took great pains to make him feel loved and wanted.  He is an older cat, and fairly obese.  He has arthritis in his hips, and just wants a nice home where he can retire, lazing on the bed all day and being hand fed treats every now and again.  I spoil him as best I can, and sometimes let him growl at the other kitties because he's earned the right to be a carmudgeon.  This is his normal pose...

Little Bit is a teenaged cat.  She had a rough start; she was the runt of the litter, and needed help being born.  She was funny looking, but very, very courageous.  Little Bit came to us over the New Year's holiday, when I had surgery and needed a pick me up.  Little Bit has taught me so very much about resiliency, and she has been no end of love and inspiration.  Here she is, napping on the wine rack (I gave up on trying to train her not to do things like that ; )

Rascal and Little Bit have little interest in my embroidery.  Well, let me amend that; Little Bit occasionally has to attack my thread, just so that I will put my projects down and return to something more productive, giving her attention ; )

This is the new girl.  We are still working on a name, though the kids have settled on Gurgi, (after Gurgi in The Black Cauldron.)  I call her muffin because that's about the size she is.

That is my embroidery basket, that Gurgi/Muffin is sleeping in...Rather than take the chance of her getting pricked by one of my many needles, I had to make up a special basket just for her.  I found one that was round, and roughly the same size.  I put some linen scraps in, so it was just like mine.  She curled right up in it, and it is now her favorite napping spot!  (And so much cheaper than the kitty hammocks I bought for them to play and nap in *sighs*). 

She loves to watch me sew and embroider, and doesn't attack my thread. 

Each of the three kitties have been such a godsend to me.  Their distinct personalities have rounded out the pieces of our family.  Rascal is the grampa cat, always complaining about the kittens walking on his lawn.  Little Bit is so intelligent and creative.  Sometimes, I swear you can see her thinking.  Gurgi/Muffin is a snuggler.  She loves nuzzling hands, necks, chects, you name it. 

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  1. oooo...I'll have to tell you all about my two Tommy and Jasper! They are shelter cats, of course.

    I've done some work with the Cat Protection Society fostering feral kittens and mothers, and training them for domestication so they could be adopted out. And all mine were successful! I wish I could still do it.

    All of yours look adorable, and you describe their characters very well! It was a pleasure meeting them :-)